The West Pacific Foreign Affairs Update

April 2017

The Government Of The West Pacific


Big Bad Badger

Regional Officers

Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Saint Mark
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Davelands
Commander of TWPAF: Yuno OWL
Minister of Internal Affairs: Doppio Giudici
Minister of World Assembly Affairs: States of Glory
Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry: Fujai

Balls, Balls Everywhere!

The Past (The Black and White Ball with The North Pacific)

The event of the season was, without question, The Black and White Ball held in The West Pacific’s Embassy in The North Pacific, and hosted by our very own Halo. The hall and ballroom were elegantly decorated, and the embassies collection of Renoir’s really caught the eye!

Drall, one of our Ambassadors, was the first to arrive, in a splendid carriage, looking quite dashing in a suit with a white tie. After him, wearing a fashionable tuxedo and pricey Rolex, came Guardian Davelands, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. After those two calm entrances, things were a little shaken up by none other than our own Delegate Badger. I actually watched his Cadillac screech to a halt in front of the building, it was quite impressive, in the same way all near-miss accidents are impressive. Delegate Badger was dressed formally from the waist up, and casually from the waist down. That’s the Delegate we’ve all come to know and love.

Paris arrived in a stunning black dress, and very pink hair, the two things going remarkably well together. Just after she entered, I learned something I had never known before. Giraffes wear suits. Yes. Giraffes wear suits. This became clear when Syrixia, Cultural Minister of The North Pacific, made an entrance. He did look amazing in his suit though. I bet he has an amazing tailor. Prole, our own Vice Minister of Interior was the next to arrive, though he didn’t quite seem to be in the party mood.

Everyone had been mingling and drinking for a while, when TWPAF Commander Yuno arrived, looking lovely in a black and white dress that I swear made noise, but I was probably imagining that. Just after she arrived, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bootsie from The North Pacific, rushed into the room, very much like the White Rabbit, afraid of being late.

The crowd continued to mingle in the hall a while longer, drinks flowing so smoothly it was as though the glasses simply refilled themselves.

Once Halo got everyone into the dining room, he gave a wonderful toast, after which Delegate Badger said a few words, followed by Minister Bootsie. The theme was clear, one of continued friendship and cooperation, a celebration of the past, present, and future.

Dinner was served … a menu that makes me wish I could bribe the chef away. A string quartet played chamber music while everyone ate, and the dinner conversation was pleasant. During dinner, though, Tomb, Vice Delegate of The North Pacific, arrived fashionably late. Introductions were made, and the easy flow of conversation continued.

After dinner, and until the evening ended, there was dancing. The ballroom was filled with the sounds of The Big Bad Badger Band, and the dancing and drinking lasted well into the evening. Old friends caught up, new friends were made, and the entire night was wonderful.

The Future (Upcoming Ball with The Commonwealth of Crowns)

On April 1st, The West Pacific will be hosting a formal Ball with The Commonwealth of Crowns! We are expecting it to be another diplomatic success (and fun time for all)!

War Games with The Pacific

The Race to Claim the Region

Recently, The West Pacific participated in joint War Games with The Pacific. The purpose of the games were to test our respective militaries and to promote friendship and communication between our regions. It began with a race to claim a test region. After a hard fought battle, The Pacific laid claim to the region and began defensive preparations.

Offense vs Defense

Over the course of two weeks, The Pacific attempted to hold the region while The West Pacific launched battles to take it over. Despite a number of major and minor attacks, The Pacific's pilers managed to hold off the best of The West Pacific. At one point, The West Pacific managed to leave a sleeper nation in the region but the final attack fell just short of victory.

After the Games

With The Pacific being declared the winners of the war games, the two sides met to go over how things unfolded. There was a lot of discussions on how The West Pacific could have improved their raider numbers and also chain of command issues. For one major Update, the attack leader could not make it due to RL issues which caused the attack to be launched in an uncoordinated manner.

All agreed that it was a fun and educational experience that would be done again in the future.

The Manners & Elections

This month ushered in the most dramatic changes to the Government of The West Pacific in years as Delegate Badger, with input from the Guardians and a number of Citizens, created The Manners of Governance of The West Pacific!

The Manners (the full text of which can be found here) sets rules and regulations for an official Government! It also allows for the creation of the Hall of Nations to be comprised of official Citizens and elections for a Speaker and various Regional Officers!

Immediately upon acceptance of the Manners, a citizenship oath was posted and over 50 nations signed up to become official Citizens of The West Pacific!

Once that was done, elections were called for the Speaker position. As the first elected office, the person chosen will be expected to set the tone for the entire Government!

As this update is being posted, there are three people who have been nominated for the Speaker role; Drall, Halo, and Fellos. They have posted their position papers and the election has begun!

We will update this report as soon as a Speaker is chosen!

Saint Mark has been elected as our first Speaker! You can read his acceptance speech here.

His first order of business was to open the nomination process for the Minister of World Assembly Affairs, the Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry and the Sergeant-At-Arms. A three day nomination period will be followed by a three day voting period.

Truly an exciting time to be in The West Pacific!

TWP Radio

After much planning, TWP Radio is going On The Air!

Please join us on Thursday, April 6th at 8:00pm Eastern Daylight Time as we interview our own Delegate Badger and Speaker of the Hall Saint Mark. We will be discussing the changes to the government of The West Pacific, the April Fools Day "Nuclear Apocalypse", and TWP life!