The West Pacific Foreign Affairs Update

June 2017

The Government Of The West Pacific


Big Bad Badger

Regional Officers

Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Saint Mark
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Davelands
Commander of TWPAF: Kawaii Schoolgirl
Minister of Internal Affairs: Rigels Light
Minister of World Assembly Affairs: States of Glory
Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry: Fujai

TWP Has A New Guardian!

One of the great things about being in a Meritocracy is that people who work hard for the benefit of the region get rewarded. This month we had one of our best examples of this ever!

A little over a year ago, a new nation appeared in The West Pacific. The Holy Principality of Saint Mark proved early on that he was going to be an active member of our region by posting great content on the RMB and Forum.

When we started our Discord server, he immediately joined up as Halo. It was there that he really shined!

It turned out the Halo has one of the most outgoing personalities in the Game. Hired as the first Ambassador of our new FA Department, he was and still is a major player, taking on Ambassadorship in 4 regions! In fact, he liked the people in those regions so much that eventually he got citizenship in 3 of them!

Halo's personality is what really makes him stand out. He is a truly nice person without pretense whose honesty and willingness to help others makes him liked by everyone who has met him.

Very quickly he became a trusted adviser to both the new MoFA, Davelands, and the new Delegate, Badger.

Now, in acknowledgement of his tireless service to the region, The West Pacific is proud to have appointed The Holy Principality of Saint Mark as our newest Guardian!

Treaty Expansion with Kingdom of Great Britain

On February 20th, The West Pacific signed the historic Treaty of Mercia with the Kingdom of Great Britain!

Although this was covered in previous updates, the treaty has since been expanded.

TWP and KGB are now in an official military partnership with joint operations and training. In addition the two regions are sharing intelligence that affects both regions.

As we expand our Foreign Affairs and continue to reach out to more regions you will see The West Pacific doing more to engage with our friends!

TWPAF - Active Everywhere

As usual, The West Pacific Armed forces have been actively protecting our interests abroad and assisting our friends wherever needed!

One such case was when our good friend The Stalker came to us with a problem. A number of his natives in Hell were being harassed by members of a region called The Trump Patriots. To make matters worse, they were also spamming Hell's RMB. He needed help and turned to us!

TWPAF quickly formulated a plan to liberate the region and make it safer. We contacted our friends in the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army and a couple of other regions (who shall remain nameless) to gather a large force and went in!

Liberation accomplished and problem solved!


The next major action was against a region that has had lots of problems, Republic of Kekistan.

This plan was a longer running one as they had a Founder who had been in trouble with the mods. So TWPAF placed sleepers in the region and waited until the inevitable DEAT happened.

As soon as it did, we moved our forces into the region, kicked out the troublesome nations, and password protected the region! It is still under our control.


All in all, TWPAF continues to prove itself as one of the elite militaries in the game!!!

TWP's Foreign Minister Tours Regions

Last month our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Davelands, went on a diplomatic mission to visit a number of different regions! During that trip we got to know many of NationStates' leaders and saw how other regions lived and worked. It was a truly eye-opening experience that showed how diverse the game is!

(To see the captions, hover over an image. Click to see it larger)

OK. In reality Davelands took a long vacation and thought he would share some of the pictures from the trip with you!