The West Pacific Foreign Affairs Update

October 2017

The Government Of The West Pacific



Regional Officers

Speaker of the Hall of Nations: Grand Drall
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Davelands
Commander of TWPAF: Altincredible
Minister of Internal Affairs: Rigels Light
Minister of World Assembly Affairs: States of Glory
Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry: Sad Wolf

Badger Steps Down As Delegate, Passes The Baton To Davelands!

At 12:01am on Sunday, October 1st, a West Pacific tradition was revisited.


The current Delegate, Big Bad Badger, peacefully handed over the reigns of power to his handpicked successor, Davelands.


In his address to the region, Davelands had this to say:


"I would like to thank Big Bad Badger for the opportunity to take over the leadership of the region. As you may know, he is my closest friend in this game and it was an honor to serve under him and to learn from the best! I hope I can live up to his great legacy and build upon it. If I am half as successful as he was then my time will have been well-served.


During his time as Delegate, Badger brought the region out of the doldrums and gave us a sense of purpose. He was able to remake TWPAF into one of the best military organizations in the game, brought back a Foreign Affairs department that had ceased to exist, created a government, led us back onto the larger Gameplay stage, and countless other changes and improvements.


You may have noticed that I have appointed two new Guardians. Please welcome Rigels Light and Bran Astor into their new roles. I have known Rigel for almost a year and Bran since he came into The West Pacific a few months ago. Both have a fantastic feel for the game and are willing to put in the work necessary to make the region even better! Meritocracy is what we are about in TWP and they are the proof!


Badger and I have always had similar thoughts on how to grow the region and continue to make it even better. So we will be continuing and expanding the programs that Badger started like the Hall of Nations, TWPAF, Foreign Affairs, and others. There will not be any major changes. It is business as usual.


I was born in The West Pacific, fought in TWPAF, was chosen to resurrect the Foreign Affairs department, and was made a Guardian here. The West Pacific is my home and I promise you I will do my best to keep it the best region in NationStates! It will be my pleasure to work with you to make that happen!"