The West Pacifican - Volume 6

The Delegate's Discourse

By Badger

I have often said that the people of The West Pacific are the best attribute of the region. We are a special lot of all different ages and experiences in NS and real life, but we come together for the glory of this region that is so important to us all. If the people are the greatest commodity of the region, then their time and energy is our greatest resource.

As we are wrapping up our first Speaker’s term in the Hall of Nations I would like to remind nations of The West Pacific to stay active! During NS summer, sometimes activity lags. Your government has been working hard all around TWP to create opportunities for activity. And for nations wanting to get involved in TWP government, now is the time to take advantage of the many opportunities in The West Pacific. If you are willing to give your time and energy into the region, you will be given the opportunity to advance in our meritocracy.

The Hall has had a terrific first term amending The Manners twice and creating a multitude of legislation. Our elected ministers have been busy safeguarding and building our culture and also providing fun things for citizens and guests to participate in.

Our Internal Affairs Minister, Rigels_light is creating fun writing activities and a flag and banner making contest, and our RP is exploding on our discord server. If you have an idea for something you would like to see, talk to Rigel and she will help make it happen! Presently our newspaper is looking for an editor-in-chief and writers. If you would like the opportunity, let her know!

Abroad, TWP has been successful in a multitude of avenues. Our Foreign Affairs Ministry has been working with many regions, making new friends, and gathering information about the greater NSverse. Presently we are working on a new treaty with an old friend (more details to come later). We recently completed an expansion of our Treaty with The Kingdom of Great Britain to include expanded military and intelligence sharing. Our FA department is always looking for new ambassadors. Davelands’ training program for ambassadors is top notch and will prepare you for the world!

Our military, TWPAF, under new commander Kawaii Schoolgirl has continued the excellence started by Yuno. We are operating daily training and running missions with our troops. Several large scale operations are about to commence with some new friends. It is an exciting time to be in TWPAF. This is the one area where if you wanted to make a mark in the region and rise through the ranks proving yourself, you will have the opportunity! If you have no NS military experience, one thing that hasn’t changed with TWPAF is that we have the best trainers in the game! We will teach you everything you need to know to be able to bring glory to the region!

There are many opportunities available for people in The West Pacific these days. We need you! Find your niche, get to know the people involved and be brilliant!

Get involved!

TWPAF Under New Command

by Kawaii

Salutations citizens of the past, present and future.

I have been asked to write the following article addressing the both the current affairs of The West Pacific Armed Forces and its future. My hope in writing the following article is to inspire not only the people of The West Pacific today, but those who have yet to discover the wonderful site we know as NationStates; it is my hope that what I write today will inspire all nations to continue our work as the greatest Game Created Regional military and that The West Pacific will reign supreme for many more years to come.

There is something very special about our region, something unique not found in any other GCR. We have a community of the game's best, brightest, and snarkiest. If someone tries putting their finger in our chest, we take that finger and we show them where to stick it. We are a region not afraid to stand up against those who oppose us. These qualities are very clear in our military ... we raid, we defend, and if anyone has something to say about it, we tell them off; we're not push-overs and we will not bend to the whim of any foreign military no matter how big they think themselves to be.

When I had finished my business in Illuminati in October, I had gained a burning desire to learn how to raid, and shortly thereafter I met Yuno who brought me here to The West Pacific. Yuno had taught me everything I needed to know in order to raid, and for over the course of three months I remained an active solider and rose to leadership with the rank of Captain. During those three months I raided over one hundred regions, and each raid had genuinely felt fun and even powerful; it felt like The West Pacific was actually getting recognition for our work.

Around in February (2017) however, our participation took a big hit, and our soldier number dropped from around 20 down to maybe 4 or 5, and this had stayed relatively the same for sometime. This would not be permanent though, as Yuno stepped down from command, she and Badger both gave me an endorsement to fill the spot. At first, I was uncertain and unconfident in my ability, yet I knew the shoes I would step into were not unfamiliar. I knew that all I had learned up to that point was exactly what was needed to fill in for Yuno should she take a leave of absence.

I took the position and began work immediately. There was much that needed to be done, and with the help of my new field commanders, Rigel and Altino, we've begun the first steps to reforming our military. There's still much to be done however ... on top of our list is recruitment. If we are to become the greatest in-game military force, then we need numbers. Unlike other orgs, I do not want to solely rely on allies for soldiers in our operations. Through our success, we aim to bring in over 50 active personnel, and execute over 1,000 successful raids by the end of the year.

This summer will be our golden opportunity to make this goal realized. I am not authorized to speak too much on it, but we have something huge in the works that will certainly be grabbing a lot of positive attention and interest in joining TWPAF. It will be a fun addition to our military and will encourage participation from all members of our wonderful community. Get excited because it will be nothing short of summer fun!

Although our goals for recruitment and successful raids are big and definitely up on our list, we have only one main goal, one goal that should we ever fail to sustain it, I would fear for the future of our org. The number one goal of TWPAF is that we're having fun. If we aren't having fun doing what we do, then we aren't playing, we're working. Many of our enlisted soldiers and leaders come home after a hard day of work as is. TWPAF is not a place to extend the stress of work, but a place to have fun and unwind. Raiding and Defending is a game, a fun game at that, and in TWPAF, we aim to have the most fun!

Following my leadership here as Commander of TWPAF, I plan to devote 100% of my time to a project of mine that's been in the works since around September 2016 ... the creation and active operation of Nihon and it's military of which I am Empress. I will use all I have learned here in order to ensure Nihon's full success in its divine imperial conquest to conquer lands far and wide. It's my hope that soldiers will leave our military with the same abilities and aspirations that I have gained in my time here. It is an honor to play a role in so many people's future as Commander of our military, and as such I look to each of them and expect great things from all of them. Together our military will succeed in all its endeavors. We will become an unstoppable, and unforgiving force in the eyes of those who oppose us and those who do us wrong.

Be nice and we will be gentle when we raid you, be rude and we'll rip the chocolates straight from your stomach.

In closing, I have full confidence in our military's ability to be just as I envision it: a fun, large, and successful military that stands as the greatest second to none! All who enlist are sure to have a fun experience not found anywhere else, and learn all there is to learn about both raiding and defending, as well as other unconventional forms of military gameplay. I personally give my warm welcome to all soldiers old and new, and give them my full vote of confidence in their abilities to make TWPAF the military it has been destined to be for so long now.

We are The West Pacific! May our rise higher and higher!

Justice in TWP

… an Interview with Angonia, by Halo

So, you were banjected from TWP, exercised your right as a citizen to an appeal and are now back. This is the first time this has happened under our new constitution.

That's right, I think. I didn't notice any other judicial threads other than mine, and as far as I know (I'm very limited in that knowledge) there wasn't anything else. I'm not sure how I feel about that, to be honest. However, just by the administration allowing the appeal demonstrates that they honor their laws. So, if anything, I think this case spells out that any citizen is allowed by the laws established to an appeal. I think that's pretty great, to be honest.

What were your thoughts when you were banjected?

Oh, man! I had a bunch of thoughts. I was on home-time at the time of my banning and ejection, or banjection as you say. It turned what was supposed to be a time of winding down from on-the-road travel to one of my most stressful and infuriating times home. I missed my uncle's graduation from college because - and I can only guess at this, but it feels right - the stress of feeling wrongfully persecuted really wore on me. I woke up the next day and totally forgot about it until later.
Needless to say, I really thought I had been unfairly targeted. I didn't realize I had broken some rules because, quite honestly, I've been busy hauling loads across the country with little time for anything else. I've had time for banter and getting to know the region, and I had time for some political discussions. If I had to be truly honest about what I thought during that time, it was that I was ejected because of those political beliefs, that I had been targeted due to them. Being conservative in, what I feel, is a mostly liberal region might of made me a target. (Editor's note: While TWP does lean liberal, as do most GCRs, this somewhat conservative-leaning editor has never felt discriminated against.)
I don't know why I thought that, honestly. It's just the first thing that came to mind. Like, "this is the only reason why this would happen". It didn't register until much after my banjection that there was a different reason involved.

How was the appeal process?

Stressful. It sounds silly! I know! Like, why would I be so bothered by a game in my profession? You have to think, though, that in my line of work I have little time at home and very little time to make friends. I've lost friends over my job, in fact. So whatever I have, and whomever I have, comes most from online sources such as NationStates. In fact, I think the one blessing that came out of this process was finding those true friends who stood by me. Without them I would have lost it because I genuinely thought I was being hung up to bleed dry.
You know, but despite that, it wasn't an unfair process I don't think. Other than the stress I think it was quite fair. It was just the stress that made the process so difficult.

Do you think you were treated fairly?

When you asked this question I had to think. You'll note when you first asked me these questions I was driving. I stopped for a break and noted your messages on Discord. I had to think hard on this one, that's why I said I'd reply later. Driving is useful for helping one think.
So what do I think? I think that by looking at it from an administrative perspective, I was treated according to what was allowed. I remember that the guardian who banned me stated that he saw me as a threat to the region. If he genuinely thought that, and I was him and thought that....I can see it in a way. I'm not gonna blame a person for defending their region from what they viewed as a problem. The thing is, and I keep asking myself since I began thinking on this, what made me such a threat?
In answer, I don't think I was. I think the only fair part of this entire ordeal was the appeal. It leveled the playing field from what I feel was an overbearing use of authority - I might even say unfair, but there's little in our laws in the region that state or, even, hamper the use of authority for a guardian or delegate - and allowed me to fight back and get some fair ground.
On the other hand, you also have to look at it from what I did, too. I was rather rude and did stand up to their authority. At the time I didn't know that releasing an endorsement threatened the region. I'm not into gameplay, I'm most into role play. With that said, I stated my doubts about this reason in my appeal. It doesn't stand up to reason in my opinion. However I feel they needed some justification for what happened.
(Editor's note: The full hearing can be read here...)
I admit too that at the time I was under the wrong impression about what transpired with the person I thought I was defending. I really thought I was doing the right thing and I'm a person who stands up to bullying. Then again, even in that case, maybe I was bullying them too even if I think I had my reasons. Whatever happened, I was still in the wrong. It could be the guy wasn't a puppet, after all, as was stated to me by one of the guardians. The thing is, it happened, and that was one of the reasons I was targeted the way I was.
I could go on with my suspicions about whatever, but in the end, I don't think I was treated unfairly. I think the law only allowed that. I believe firmly had I not been a citizen and had the laws not been established, you wouldn't be interviewing me, and none of this would have been clarified to where I understood what I did wrong to deserve it. I think the punishment was extreme, I really do, but it happened. So we move on.

Could you share with your fellow citizens what you have learned from this experience?

The first and most critical thing I learned - a valuable lesson, might I insist - is to stop, be patient, and think a situation over. Don't jump to conclusions. If you feel something was done wrong, state it in private channels. Most of all, make sure when you make accusations, they're right. I think that's the most critical thing I learned. To think over the issue more. That way you avoid what I went through.

The Fisher & Fox

… a short story by Fedora Dan - Skymoot

Deep within a lush, vibrant forest works a fisherman who fishes from a sparkling, gleeful river. He fishes every week, and sells his fish in the village he lives in. He loads up his cart with fish and journeys down the dusty dirt path for home. During the trip, a fox smells the tasty fish. He hides behind bushes and places a rock on the path. The fishers cart strikes the rock and stops. While the fishers distracted, the fox leaps into the cart and hides. The fisher shrugs, and continues home. As the fox eats his first fish, the fisher begins to daydream.

“One day I will be rich,” he begins, grinning. “First I will sell my catch, and with the money I’ll buy a bigger cart. Then I’ll fish more, and haul more, and make more money. Then I can hire a worker, maybe two, and haul, catch, and make more money!” The fox chows down on more fish as the fisher’s passion over takes him. “Then I can buy a boat with the money and fish out at sea. Then I can buy more boats. Fleets! Fleets of ships, all making me money! Then I can buy farmland with the money from the fish. Tons of farmland. No. Land for a village. A town. No, a city! A big, shining city on a hill!” By this point, the fox had eaten more than half of the carts fish. But the fisher never noticed as he rambled on. “And with that city, I can be made into a servant of the king, a noble. No. A lord. Better yet! ILL be the king MYSELF! I’ll have a vast empire that goes forever on! And I’ll have endless servants and treasures, gifts and goods, money and fame. I’ll rule all with an even hand, and my vision of the future. Nothing can end my reign!”
BBUURRPPP!!! The fox roars the biggest burp of his life as he grabs the last fish and dashes from the cart. The fisher hops off the cart, and pounds the ground. Stomping his frustration. “GET BACK HERE,” he bellows. “YOU’RE STEALING MY SERVANTS! ALL MY TREASURE! MY EMPIRE! GET BACK HERE!” The fox chuckles and beams at the Fisher. “Huh. Funny! I thought I was just stealing your fish!” And with that, the fox hops into the forest, leaving behind a fishless fisher.

The End.