The West Pacifican - Volume 7

An Interview With TWP's New Speaker

by Drall interviewed by Halo


1) Would you please tell our readers about your NS background?

I was “born”, in the NS sense of the word, around the end of 2016. After a week or so of answering issues, I got involved on the RMB, and from there I became involved in two ministries, first Foreign Affairs and then Internal Affairs. I probably spent a few months there, maintaining activity on the RMB, representing TWP, and recruiting new folks to our ministries. In around March, at the advice of a friend, I joined my second region, Arda en’ Estel. Around a week later, Senate elections rolled around there, so I decided to run. I won, and have been part of the Senate there since. Then came the brand new Manners of The West Pacific, which brought a whole new round of elections. I ran against my good friend Halo for the Office of Speaker, a fun race, though I lost. I afterwards ran unopposed for the Office of Sergeant-at-Arms. Somewhere around this time I discovered Equilism through the Fight for Armello Part 3, and I then became a Citizen there. Come April, World Assembly Delegate elections arose in Equilism, with the longtime Delegate Small Huts not seeking re-election. At the advice of another friend, I decided to run, winning the seat. During the next few months I performed the duties of my offices, and also joined the South Pacific, Balder, Osiris, Lazarus, and a few other regions, including Caer Sidi, where I became involved in the legislature. Then rolled around the next grand set of elections, the first of which to come were Local Council races in the South Pacific, the second of which were the recently concluded Speaker elections in the West Pacific. I managed to win a seat on the Local Council, and also win the Office of Speaker - my two main positions at present.

2) Are there any particular experiences you've had or positions you've held that will aid you in serving our region?

During my time in a number of regions, I’ve served, discussed, debated, and so on in various different legislatures, ranging from the Senate of Arda en’ Estel, the Township in Equilism, the Hall of the West Pacific, and several more. I feel that I have a good deal of legislative experience, which will naturally be quite helpful. I’ve also worked in a number of TWP’s ministries, gotten a good feel for the region, and learned a lot about the people here.

3) What do you see as TWP's greatest strengths?

I believe we have here in the West Pacific a great number of talented and clever players who will be able to put their skills and minds to use to legislate excellently. We also have a vast breadth of different areas of interest and skill - in the World Assembly, Foreign Affairs, Gameplay, Issues, Roleplay - the list goes on and on. Thus, I think we have quite a good pool of strengths.

4) Are there any areas where we could do better?

Of course there is always room for improvement, but I’m very impressed with what we’ve been doing so far, in a number of different fields. For most of my time in the region, I’ve believed and advocated for a more welcoming stance towards newer nations. Recent events have, in my opinion, resulted in great progress in this realm. The dismissal from Office of the Old Guard, long serving and esteemed Guardians of the West Pacific, has, in my view, opened the doors for new blood, ideas, and values, something incredibly valuable. The other point I’d like to make is another one where we’ve been making progress. One of main goals in running for the Office of Speaker was to increase activity in the Hall and promote the active debate of legislation, which I feel that we’ve done quite well with in the past week or so. So, in terms of doing better, let us march forward to the better future we make, united in glory as the West Pacific!

5) What are your goals for The Hall?

Continuing in the same vein as the last point, my main goal for the Hall is to increase the activity, debate, discussion, and interest as much as I can. I believe that the Hall can be a great body in the West Pacific, allowing for the input of every citizen in our government. I love the way debate in the Hall is currently going, in our continued editing and amending of the Manners and the Etiquette. I’d also like to look adding some new legislation to the mix. In essence though, the promotion of raging debates and minute legal battles across the Hall of Nations is my primary goal for the legislative body.

The Fisher and The Gatekeeper

by Skymoot-Fedora Dan

There once lived a king who decided to give a great banquet to celebrate the birth of his first child. Kings and noblemen from all the lands were invited to attend, and the event promised to be the most spectacular ever seen in the kingdom.

As the day approached, the court burst with activity in preparation for the feast. All the food except the fish was prepared days in advance. The fish was to be the main course, and had to be caught at the last moment so that it would be fresh.

The day before the banquet, a great storm surged at sea. Not one fishing boat could go out. It seemed the banquet was ruined. The other food was nothing without fish and the king became sad at the thought of being disgraced in front of the guests.

All seemed lost until the gatekeeper announced that there was a visitor. In walked a fisherman with a net filled with large, delicious-looking, fresh fish. He heard of the king's plight and risked his life to provide fish for the royal banquet.

The king was ecstatic. He had cooks prepare the fish, and offered the fisherman anything he wanted. To his surprise, the fisherman asked for 100 whip lashes. The king couldn’t punish one who did an amazing task. But he insisted, and the king obeyed.
He ordered 100 lashes and told his servants to be gentle with the strange request. The servants were so gentle that they didn’t harm the man. After the man received 50 whip lashes, he told them to stop and give the last 50 lashes to the gatekeeper.

The servants sent for the king. The fisherman then explained why he’s sharing the reward with the gatekeeper. When he arrived at the gate with his fish the gatekeeper wouldn’t allow him entry until he promised to share his reward.

He agreed to the gatekeeper's request. When he heard the story, the king was furious. He ordered the servants to give the gatekeeper the 50 remaining lashes without any mercy. He then banished the gatekeeper from the kingdom.

As for the fisherman, he was rewarded generously and given a place of honor at the king's banquet. The banquet was a complete success and all agreed that the fish was the most delicious they had ever tasted.

Democracy in TWP!

by Drall, Speaker of The Hall

Election season is in full swing in the West Pacific, so let’s take a look at what we’ve got!

Voting was recently opened by our new Speaker, a wonderful young chap if I do say so myself. Currently, we’ve got some excellent candidates campaigning, bickering, and challenging one another for various offices, including the Ministries of World Assembly Affairs and Citizenry and Recruitment, along with the ideal job for people with loud and carrying voices, Sergeant-at-Arms.

Unlike our last elections, every office so far is being contested - quite heavily too, in some cases. In a short summary of the current results, Lamb is leading the race for Minister of Citizenry and Recruitment with 17 votes, while Arthur K. Vasentius and Impedric lag behind with 7 and 5 votes, respectively. The race for Minister of World Assembly Affairs is presently dominated by a longtime player in that area, States of Glory, who leads with a whopping 19 votes, compared to Liberillia and ConfederateStatesofAmerica, whose total votes sum to 6 all in all. Last but certainly not least, the race for Sergeant-at-Arms is a raging battle, though perhaps favoring one candidate over the other. Overthinkers, a longtime member of the West Pacific, holds the lead with 18 votes to 2-D-Gori’s 6. Both are active members of TWPAF, and both have published some excellent campaigns, as have Impedric and Lamb.

Voting will end at around 10:45 PM Friday Eastern Standard Time, so be sure to get in those votes!

Also note that this round of elections is not the last for our new Cabinet - elections for Minister of Internal Affairs and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs will open in a little over a week! Keeping your pens ready and race to those ballot boxes!

Join The World Assemby!

by Halo

No! I don’t want to join the World Assembly! I’ll lose autonomy and won’t be able to make my nation exactly how I want it to be.

That’s what many think when confronted with the option to have their nation join the World Assembly (WA). I can tell you first hand that that is not the case. Yes, technically, your nation must be in compliance with all WA regulations, but in reality, I’ve never seen any of these affect my nation at all! My trend lines and rankings never change unless I answer an issue. My guess is that the change to become compliant must be so small that it just doesn’t show up.

So it won’t hurt, but what good will it do to join the WA? The positives here are numerous.

First, you will be able to vote on proposals. Let your opinion be known! Should we condemn region so-and-so? Must all nations disarm immediately? Do baby seals need our love? If you’ve ever been in a mock U.N., you know the drill. Once you gain experience, you can even write and submit your own proposals. Think about every nation in the WA discussing what you have written! Nations in the WA are able to discuss WA policies, along with many other aspects of gameplay and NS gossip, on their own forum too.

Second, and to some actually the most important reason, is that your nation’s influence increases much more quickly if it is in the WA. No more will you languish in the Unproven ranks. You too can be a Truckler one day!

Finally, the more nations The West Pacific has in the WA, the more influential we are as a region. Our Delegate’s vote will count for more and the nefarious plotters who seek to do our region harm will be thwarted.

Do you want power? Shouldn’t everyone see the NSverse as you do? Do you love The West Pacific?

Join the World Assembly!